Our Story

Artist and Founder-Justin Gaffrey

As a self-taught artist, his work challenges the norms of art, pushing boundaries is usually the only way he will be satisfied. His work is constantly changing like a moving target, making it hard to pinpoint any particular genre or theme of art. Justin has been a career painter for over twenty years with an international collectors base. The recurring themes in his artwork showcase coastal landscapes, wildlife and exploring the human conditioning with contemporary styling. His work has inspired a path for many impasto acrylic painters.


The Gaffrey's

The gaffrey’s have been immersed in the arts their whole life. Justin Gaffrey opened a gallery in their childhood home where it’s still open today in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The kids, Aria and Justin Jr., picked up a paintbrush before they could walk. Over the years, Aria and Justin Jr have become artists in their own right. Justin Jr. left college to pursue an art career full time as a mixed media painter. Aria has a proclivity for drawing, tattoos, and graphic design that has been influential in gaffrey art material’s image. 

Justin Sr. has been handcrafting art materials and paints from scratch since the beginning of his career. His painting has evolved from folk art to contemporary. Naturally, he synthesized our signature heavy texture acrylic by learning the chemistry and modus operandi of paint production in his studio warehouse. No other art company could do it for him so he took it into his hands. In 2019, the whole family got on board to make acrylics and art materials that work for everybody. They launched their e-commerce paint company in the summer of 2020. Since opening, a wave of sculptural painting has taken place that has inspired a new path for artists to express themselves in a highly sensory manner. The family’s relationship to making their art materials from scratch has been paramount for making bolder work and assist others in realizing their creative potential.