Base Coats - 10 oz
Base Coats - 10 oz
Base Coats - 10 oz
Base Coats - 10 oz
Base Coats - 10 oz
Base Coats - 10 oz

Base Coats - 10 oz

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Introducing a premium Base Coat that's a primer and finishing coat designed for large coverage areas. This release has been a long time coming. Artist Justin Gaffrey has always wanted acrylic paint that behaves like a gesso but has the properties and finish of a professional artist paint.

Made with 100% acrylic emulsion,  pigment, and clay to offer some tooth for Heavy Texture and Medium Viscosity acrylic paints to adhere to. With its high pigment concentration, you get great coverage and a durable satin sheen. This is a limited release but count on Base Coats being a permanent part of our collection in the near future. 


Manufactured for Artists

Small Batch Acrylics

 “Embed thought in material.” — Roberta Smith.
So much is lost in mass manufacturing. Through constant experimentation and rigorous testing, we strive to make acrylic paints at the highest quality. Our color choices are informed by our collective experience as career artists.

Heavy Texture Acrylics

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Justin Gaffrey


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For Artists, By Artists

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