Chartreuse Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material
Chartreuse Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material
Chartreuse Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material - Gaffrey Art Material

Chartreuse Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material

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Not quite a heavy body or a soft body acrylic. Acrylic colors are a “happy medium” with just the right amount of glide, texture, and consistency. Each color is handcrafted to its full potential dependent on the nature of the pigment’s properties. Each jar of paint is heavily saturated with pigment and meets industry standards.

Chartreuse Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material 

  • Pigment Classification Synthetic Organic/Naturally Occurring Inorganic
  • Color Index Number PB 29, BR 7, Y 74
  • Opacity/Transparency Semi-Opaque
  • Pigment Description This color is as sweet and intoxicating as the liqueur. Justin Gaffrey has been mixing this color with hansa yellow, raw umber, and ultramarine blue for years. So why not make it a signature color? Chartreuse is especially suited for vibrant landscapes and still life paintings.

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 “Embed thought in material.” — Roberta Smith.
So much is lost in mass manufacturing. Through constant experimentation and rigorous testing, we strive to make acrylic paints at the highest quality. Our color choices are informed by our collective experience as career artists.

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