Yellow Ochre Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material - Gaffrey Art Material
Yellow Ochre Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material - Gaffrey Art Material
Yellow Ochre Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material - Gaffrey Art Material
Yellow Ochre Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material

Yellow Ochre Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material

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Not quite a heavy body or a soft body acrylic. Acrylic colors are a “happy medium” with just the right amount of glide, texture, and consistency. Each color is handcrafted to its full potential dependent on the nature of the pigment’s properties. Each jar of paint is heavily saturated with pigment and meets industry standards.

After twenty years of making his paints, Justin Gaffrey has been able to formulate a new medium of acrylic paint. Taking from tradition and personal preference, Justin has carefully designed these acrylics to be well suited for impasto and sculptural painting techniques. Justin is not afraid to use a lot of paint. The acrylic colors offer a bold color contrast and show variegated color patterns when glazed over our heavy texture acrylics. Not only are they great for sculpting with, but artists will also appreciate them for more traditional styles of painting that do not require texture.

Acrylic colors are made in small batches in our paint making facility. Justin’s paint studio is less than 15 feet away from our high speed dispersing machines. Putting each color to the test in his work. Our team is a group of artists whose collective feedback and preferences have culminated into each jar of paint. While we are just a small group of artists, we want your input to make our acrylics the best they can be!

Gaffrey has designed these paints with artist needs in mind. Paint is expensive and we sought out to figure out why. Turns out, you can make exceptional paint at a reasonable price without skimping on the quality. There are no fillers, opacifiers, dyes, or extenders in our paints. No artist should feel like they have to sacrifice their creative vision by breaking the bank or settling for student grade paints. We do all the hard work for you so you can get your ideas onto the canvas without frustration.

We are new to the paint making game and want to put some soul into art materials. So much is lost in mass production. We think art should be made for everyone. For the skeptics out there, our acrylics are designed to have the perfect play with existing acrylic mediums from other paint companies.  

  • Air dry in approximately 30 minutes (Results may vary due to temperature and humidity levels)
  • Water resistant and water soluble
  • Clean up with warm soapy water
  • Dilute with no more than 10% water
  • Archival quality 
  • Applies to most surfaces (Wood panel recommend when used with heavy texture acrylics)

Yellow Ochre Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material 

  • Pigment Classification Naturally Occurring Inorganic
  • Color Index Number Y 42
  • Opacity/Transparency Opaque
  • Pigment Description Yellowish orange with a slight brown hue. A prehistoric color derived from minerals.